My name is Laura, and I am a part of Peace Corp Thailand group 125. My husband Zack and I are serving in the Peace Corps as a married couple. Our group of 51 American volunteers arrived January 14, 2013, and our expected Close of Service date is March, 2015. We live and work in the province of Chaiyaphum, which is in the northeastern region of Thailand called "Isan."

I am a part of the Teacher Collaboration and Community Service (TCCS) project. I work at one extended primary school (Preschool through 9th grade) with two Thai counterparts who are English teachers. My project goals include:

  1. Improving teaching at my school by helping improve my co-teachers' communication skills, instructional practices and ability to develop resources,
  2. Increasing student success by increasing achievement and participation in English class, and promoting leadership skills through English extracurricular activities,
  3. And improving the school community through school community projects and school and family-focused community projects.

Zack is part of the Youth in Development (YinD) project. He works at the local Sub-district Administrative Office (SAO), which is a government office. Zack's project goals include:

  1. Helping youth develop healthier lifestyles by focusing on improving life skills as well as sexual and reproductive health,
  2. Helping youth become better prepared for the workforce by improving personal finance skills, entrepreneurial skills and English communication skills,
  3. Improving civic engagement of youth by engaging them in service learning projects and improving peer leadership skills,
  4. And building support for youth by improving caregiver involvement and communication.

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