Friday, June 14, 2013

PhotoUpdate: English Camp and Khao Yai

Here are some pictures from an English camp that Zack and I helped out with last month. The camp was at Tat Ton National Park and six PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteers) led sessions that helped train Paw Aws (school principals) about conversational English. Jessie and Barbara (fellow PCVs) collaborated with their local PESAO (Primary Education Service Area Office), which is basically the school district, to organize the camp.

Click HERE for the complete album.

Our bungalow at Tat Ton
Getting in some planning!
The standard "Thai-style" portrait 
Zack working hard

Jessie and Barbara, MCs
Sanook! (Fun!)
I think they enjoyed the training!

At the end of May Zack and I had a three-day-weekend due to the Thai holiday, Visakha Bucha Day. Zack and I decided to take advantage of the long weekend and travel to Khao Yai National Park. We found a great tour company, Greenleaf Guesthouse and Tour, that showed us the sights (including a trip to a natural spring and a bat cave) and provided us with a great, inexpensive place to stay.

Check out the entire album HERE.

song tao ride to the natural springs and bat caves
a millipede crawls on Zack (They're harmless!)

Swimming at the natural springs
Hard to see, but these are bats inside a cave
 used by the monks for meditation!
centipede found in the bat cave

Epic Thailand

Over two million bats fly out of a nearby cave at sunset.
This stream of bats continues to flow out of the cave
for more than twenty minutes!

He's much braver than I am...
I did NOT try this!

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