Friday, July 5, 2013

Wan Wai Kruu (Teacher Appreciation Day)

Wan Wai Kruu (teacher appreciation day) is a tradition in Thailand in which students pay respect to their teachers. It takes place in every school, usually towards the beginning of the school year. Here are some photos to help share my experience. To see the entire album, please click HERE.

Each class made one large flower tray to present to the teachers.
Each student made his or her own "bouquet" of flowers,
incense and candles bundled together using a banana leaf.

the paw aw (school principal)
Representative from each class carried the class offerings
onto the stage and presented them to the teachers. 
 Once the students reached the stage, they shuffled across on their knees. 
Afterwards, every single student lined up to
present one teacher with a small offering. 

HERE is another link that further explains the Wan Wai Kruu tradition, as well as Wan Kruu (which is a different holiday held in January). It also explains the symbolism of the flower trays, which I found really interesting.

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