Friday, May 16, 2014

Mid-Service Conference

At the beginning of April, shortly after the school year ended, Zack and I headed to Bangkok for our Peace Corps Mid-service Conference. Crazy to think that we now have less than a year left. The conference went really well. One of the highlights was listening to guest speaker Mechai Viravaidya, also known in Thailand as "Mr. Condom." HERE is a link to a really interesting TED talk given by Khun Mechai. His presentation with our Peace Corp group focused on his work regarding social entrepreneurship, specifically in regards to education. Listening to Khun Mechai speak was incredibly inspiring. His talk really seemed to refuel many of us (volunteers) who had been feeling discouraged by the Thai education system. We are also very excited about a potential opportunity to actually visit Khun Mechai's "Bamboo School." Below is a video that explains more about Khun Mechai's school in Buriram, Thailand.

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