Saturday, October 13, 2012

And so it begins....

Packing, that is. It seems like we've been in this whole "Peace Corps" process for so long that everything is a little surreal to me. It's hard to believe that these changes are actually happening. We found out earlier this week that we will definitely be able to move out of our apartment at the end of this month, so I've been getting a "move-on" everything ;) Yesterday was my last day of work at the preschool I have taught at for the past year-and-a-half. It hasn't really sunk in yet, but I'm sure I'll be breaking down sometime next week when I really start to realize that I've moved on. I had the most wonderful and heart-warming going-away party/celebration last night that was put on by the parents of one of my students. I was a little worried that nobody would be there, but it was an amazing turnout, and I had such a good time! It felt so nice to be reassured (in yet another way) that I have done positive, meaningful work and formed so many wonderful connections with others. I am truly going to miss the children and families that I have gotten to know so well over the past year-and-a-half.

On another note, the Peace Corp bureaucracy continues! Not nearly as intense as it has been up until this point, but still more things to take care of. Shortly after accepting our invitation, Zack and I were sent "next steps" emails including instructions for each of us to:
  • Send in an aspiration statement and updated/streamlined resume withing 10 days to be given to our host country staff
  • Apply for a (government) passport
  • Apply for a visa
  • Review dental, medical and legal info for final clearance/qualification
  • Read the entire Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook
The email also indicated that we would receive stating reporting instructions, luggage guidelines and information about safety and security via email approximately one month before departure. A few days after receiving the mail we received a package from Peace Corps in the mail that contained a large file with even more information and forms in it. 

Our tentative plans for now include leaving Durango in mid-November. We are hoping to stay with some friends for a couple of weeks after moving out of our apartment at the end of October. That means a trip to Pueblo in order to move most of our belongings (which should be able to fit inside our astro van!). We will also be taking Clarabella (our sweet 4-year-old cat) with us so that she can move in with my brother and his wife in Denver. It's SO hard leaving the animals behind, but we are extremely grateful to have family willing to care for them in our absence. We'll be in Pueblo with Zack's family from mid-November until the 5th of December, at which point we will fly to Anchorage to spend a few weeks with my parents. We plan on spending the remaining time in Pueblo before flying to our staging location around January 11th. We'll see how everything actually ends up working out though. I feel like I am beginning to realize more and more how nothing is ever certain and plans can always change. One of the lessons Peace Corps is doing a great job of teaching me, even before having begun service! I'll probably post fairly rarely up until we actually begin our adventure in Thailand, but feel free to contact me in the meantime if you'd like to connect before Zack and I leave. Email or Facebook work really well for me, or even just a good old-fashioned phone call:) 


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    1. Awww...missing you too!! But don't fret, I'll still see you (and the girls!) a ton before I leave Durango:)Just not all day every day like we're used