Thursday, November 8, 2012

In Transition

We officially moved out of our apartment last Wednesday and although we are technically "homeless," it hasn't felt at all like we are. For the past week we have been staying with some friends right outside of Durango in their beautiful adobe home and enjoying some much-needed solitude.

View from the hill above Jeff and Cheryl's House (So grateful for their hospitality!)

It has been almost two weeks since we re-homed our sweet cat, Clarabella, with Nate and Julie (my wonderful brother and sister-in-law), and although it was heartbreaking for us, she seems to be doing really well. We also moved all of our worldly possessions to Pueblo to store at Zack's mom's house. (Thanks so much Kathy!) Believe it or not, everything we own fit inside of Zack's Astrovan! It's a good feeling to be cutting down on the "stuff" and so far has been really liberating. The changes that we have made in the past couple of weeks are making the prospect of leaving for Peace Corps service in January seem much more real. The way that things have been working out for us during this process have also reassured me that this change is "meant-to-be." A little reassurance is really nice now and then, and the universe (or call it what you will) definitely seems to be providing for both of us! At this point, I am feeling overwhelmed with gratefulness for those who I have had the fortune of connecting with in Durango over the past 4.5 years and am reflecting quite a bit on how much I am going to miss them. Many have been asking me, "are you excited?" Although I am insanely excited for this journey, there also also extremely deep emotions that are connected with it. Excitement only begins to describe what I am feeling. Even deeper than excitement, I feel like I am preparing for an experience that will ultimately change me. Even though it's what I want, it's hard to let go of the apparent comfort and security that my "normal" day-to-day life provides. This brings up many emotions within me including fear, sorrow and resistance, but also faith, joy, contentment and (of course) excitement.On Sunday, we will be leaving Durango, unsure of when or even if we will ever be back. I'm looking forward to spending some time in Pueblo though with family and will update as we travel the country visiting family and prepare for departure.

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